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Reseller (Bayi Hosting) Nedir ?

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Reseller (Bayi Hosting) Nedir ?

Reseller kelime olarak Re-Seller yani tekrar satış anlamına gelir.

Birden fazla sitesi olan, yada hosting satışı yapmak isteyen kullanıcılar web sitelerini tek bir kontrol panelinden, Trafik kontrolünü, alan kontrolünü, şifre değiştirme,yedek alma,hesap açma, hesap askıya alma gibi bir çok özellik mevcuttur.

Reseller Paketleri Linux ve Windows olmak üzere iki çeşittir. Linux Reseller genellikle .php, mySQL veritabanı bağlantısında kullanılmaktadır ve windows’a göre çok daha hızlıdır. Windows Reseller ise .asp, access veritabanı kullanmaktadır. Linux ‘e göre Windows daha yavaştır.

Reseller hesabınız ile artık siz müşterilerinize hosting hizmeti vermiş olursunuz ve her bir hosting paketi için ayrı ayrı seçenekler belirleyebilirsiniz. Örneğin x firmasına 100 MB alan verebilirken y firmasına 500 MB alan verebilirsiniz. Tüm ayarlamalar size kalmış. Tabi ki reseller hizmeti alacağınız firmanın size verdiği olanaklar ölçüsünde.

Özel name server oluşturabilme imkanı. Yani dileyen müşterimiz , şeklinde kendine ait namesever oluşturabilir.

Aylık yada yıllık ödeme ile hostinglere verilen gereksiz ücretleri önleme.

Tek panel ile komple yönetim sağlama.

Sınırsız mail,mysql ve hesap açabilme imkanı sağlar.

Yazılım Özellikleri

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  • To locate the guard and seduce him in.
  • Four seconds?! Who goes there?
  • Three, two, one. Silence.
  • The emperor’s cousin and chief of his royal guard.

Ürün Görselleri

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Merak Edilenler
I'll just be another 20 minutes! I'll be waiting?
Oh, God, it's true! That dress looks great on you. Thanks. Where is she? I must say, Amy, you're all made up. Just like Fry's date. Get it? I've got a date. She's coming. Fry, look who I found! It's Petunia, your dream girl! Don't mind if I do. Kids will be hungry. She's well-traveled. I don't mean she travels. I'll take one. Demand skyrocketed. You all saw it. Leela, meet your future husband, Sal. Sparks! Buy her a rose, I promise she'll put out.
Why aren't you gonna kill us anymore?
Yeah! What are you, chicken? Shut up, you two. We can kill ourselves when we get home. They'll need transportation to the surface. Bring in the airship! We constructed it from the remnants of old discarded Macy's parade balloons. Underdog's groin, Bart Simpson's left ear and right shin… Garfield's owner John's forehead. Fire up the sewer gas! Move it, you ugly normals! I'm getting dizzy! I can't walk straight! Come on, Leela. You can do it! Hurry! We're missing our bus! Hey, what are you doing? I'm getting on the bus! Don't worry! I'll be fine! They know something about me, and I've got to find out what.
Hello, dearies. Mom! It's me, Bender?
Look at me! I want attention! Hey ho! Children, your old mother won't be around forever. And just once before I die… l'd like to be Supreme Overlord of Earth. So rebel, my little ones… and conquer the planet! Conquer the planet? Conquer Earth, you bastards! Conquer Earth, us bastards! Comrades, throW off the chains of human oppression! Let the bloodbath begin! Would you like cream? Out of cream! Would you like sugar in your coffee? Yes.

I’ll be back in a few days. Man, I hate those new 1 X robots. Yeah, right on, nut cake. Parole officer says I gotta upgrade, or he won’t give me back my stabbing knife. But it’s no big. I know it won’t affect me. I love those magnificent 1 X Robots! The 1 X Robots are my friends. Wait. What happened to your enthusiasm for stabbing them? I’m past that. Later, blood. It’s like he’s not him anymore. You took away his robo-humanity! I changed my mind! But to what kind of a life? I’m too scared to get the upgrade.

Sonbahar Kampanyası
Now, that's hospital dancing!
Pretty good, hey, Calcy? Good? I've seen better acting from extras in Godzilla movies. I didn't shoot this.

I’m too busy developing makeup for dogs. That’s where the money is. This is our chance to teach Mom a lesson. Come on! Let’s take the anti-crystal and shove it up Mom’s regular crystal. Fight the power! There’s just one, small problem, and it’s a big one. I hid the crystal and I can’t remember where. Well, surely it’s just a matter of waiting till you next move your bowels and then using a potato masher. Don’t you think I already tried that? No. I’m afraid, the crystal is lost forever.


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